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Horn diameter: 50mm
Directivity: full pointing
Sensitivity: 52dB 3dB
Impedance: 32 Ω plus or minus 10%
Frequency response: 20hz-20khz
Output sound pressure: 105dB
Headset type: headset for competitive games
Ear pad: imitation protein ear pad
Wire rod: tensile wire rod
Light: seven colors breathing light
Head hoop material: titanium alloy head hoop
Speaker unit: 50mm large speaker unit
Head pad: reduced pressure type head pad
Ear muff: soundproof and breathable

- Lightweight design, wear no burden. Does not press the ear, the head, does not clip the hair, does not stick the skin, reduces the sweat.
- Double compression head beam design, high elastic material, greater lateral expansion Angle, high strength resistance to violent distortion.
- Low loss tensile audio cable, no knot, strong and durable.
- Suspension head beam design, adaptive size, two side by two elastic line pull, with all plastic body material, has good extensibility.
- Enhance the stereo sense of ambient sound, make the game screen and stereo surround sound more realistic and natural, to achieve accurate judgment and attack.

Package included:
1 x Gaming headphone

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