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Name: E-sports Headset
Directivity: omnidirectivity
Frequency response: 20hz-20khz
Impedance: 30±10%
Material of headband: alloy
Earphone cable material: PVC
Interface type: USB+ 3.5mm
Sensitivity: 42 ± 3dB
Horn diameter: 50mm
Light: LED light
Headset type: E-sports headset
Ear mask: skin-friendly protein
Microphone: sound-absorbing and noise-reducing
Service life: 5000H
Output power: 30MW
Current: < 200MA
Headphone track: stereo
Voltage: USB 5V
Diameter of plug: 3.5mm
Sound principle: moving coil

- Cool colorful luminous panel, game experience more trend.
- Full range of clear display game sound, place yourself in the game to show the elegant demeanour of advanced players.
- 4D stereo, high sampling leads to better positioning, lower distortion rate, and better sound quality experience.
- Long mai microphone design, easily rotate 360 ° distortion real-time communication, team game easier.
- Wear comfortable, high protein earmuffs. The all-in-one ear design is adopted, which adaptively adjusts from the suspension filling head-wear according to the wearing Angle, fits the head, balances the distribution of wearing pressure, and effectively isolates external noises.
- Adaptive intelligent suspension head beam, can be adjusted at will, light and comfortable.
- Lightweight design, comfortable to wear.
- 3.5mm dual-head +USB interface, for gaming, 3.5mm interface compatible with a variety of platforms, regardless of mobile phone, computer host, MAC can be applied. Woven wire more durable, gold-plated interface 10,000 plug test.

The mobile phone and computer shall be used together with the 2-in-1 audio adapter of the notebook. The audio cable adapter shall be purchased separately. This product does not include audio adapter.

Package included:
1 x E-sports Headset

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